The smart travel crypto you earn as you move.


Unlock the value of your data

We are witnessing the greatest shift in transportation in the last 100 years, which promises to make our commutes greener, faster, cheaper and more enjoyable.

This change will be unlocked by advances in technology - new electric, connected, shared and autonomous ways of getting around.

You and your data are the centre of the new mobility economy, creating tremendous value. DOVU is on a mission to help you share in that value.

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Join the community

We are recruiting a network of individuals who want to contribute to the future of transportation and be fairly rewarded for their inputs. Join us early, earn tokens for inviting your friends and watch the value of our ecosystem grow.

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Earn and spend (coming soon!)

DOVU is building partnerships across transportation. Opt in to earn tokens, then spend them in our marketplace or convert them to other cryptocurrencies.

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Stream value at full speed

In the future, cryptocurrency will be the norm and DOVU will be the global token for transportation. You’ll stream tokens widely for green driving, cycling, scooting, riding, walking and more. Together, we can change how we experience and live mobility. Let’s start now. Welcome to the movement.

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