DOVU.Earth will help you offset your carbon footprint

Offset your carbon footprint through a monthly subscription of your choosing and become a DOVU Citizen.

Get rewarded for tracking your current eco-positive actions, including DOVU.Earth subscription by getting credits, we call these - DOV tokens.


Golden Standard
Golden Standard
Golden Standard
Golden Standard

Every small step will compound towards a carbon-free life with DOVU.Earth!

We believe in building technology that makes it simple for all citizens to contribute to protecting the environment through carbon offsetting. We call it Offset by Design. We permanently record your personal contribution using blockchain technology, so you know you’ve actually made a difference. DOVU.Earth helps you to not only offset your carbon footprint, but learn how to reduce it and how to stop climate change.

We are building systems to link your lifestyle through services such as Bank debit cards, taxi apps, public transport providers to your own carbon offset wallet.

Golden Standard

Here’s how it works:

1. Reduce your carbon footprint

Pick a plan that works best for you and subscribe for it. Choose your local currency and if you know a thing or two about cryptocurrencies, you can use them too! We use blockchain technology to provide visibility and transparency as to where your contribution goes.

2. Support Offset Project

Your contributions make a difference. We will choose an offset project for you and give you updates on the project’s development and the difference you are making. Simple actions managed correctly offset carbon, whilst benefiting the biodiversity of our planet. All of our projects are managed and audited by our Partners.

3. Change your Behaviour and Earn DOV tokens

By changing the way you travel, your diet, your habits and subscribing to one of our plans, you would not only have a positive impact on our environment, but also earn credits called DOV tokens. Then in turn you’ll be able to spend these DOV tokens in our HUB on Carbon offset projects or within our other HUB Spokes.

A bit more about DOV tokens

DOV tokens are built on Blockchain technology and can easily be gifted, swapped and spent with full transparency. We also make it easy for you to top up your carbon offset wallet through a monthly subscription paid in your local currency or using your DOV tokens.

Once you have created an account with us we will start adding your DOV tokens and you can begin allocating them to your projects of choice.